Martes, Agosto 2, 2011


       Imagine if there is no water? What would we drink? Do you think we can live without water? The most important needs of human is water. We, people really needs water. Not just human needs water but it is also very important to all the animals and plants. Animals and plants need water to live. If there is really no water here on earth, do you think life will exist? No, isn’t it? It is just simply to say that without water, cells would not be able to carry out their normal functions, and life could not exist.


     How HYDROSPHERE helps us? Do people know the importance of the hydrosphere? A question that we don’t really acknowledged. As a student, we must know, study, and learn the knowledge about hydrosphere. We must know that hydrosphere helps us a lot while living here on earth. We must learn the importance significance of the hydrosphere so that we must all understand the value of the hydrosphere which really helps us upon living in this world.
       As far as we know, the earth we live on is the only planet that is able to support life. Our planet has water on its surface, which is something very unique. In fact, earth is often called the “BLUE PLANET” because most of it covered in water. This water is made up of freshwater in rivers and lakes, the saltwater of the oceans and estuaries, groundwater and water vapor. Together, all these water bodies are called HYDROSPHERE.
        Do people starts appreciating what a complex and beautiful part of the world it is? I don’t think so. It is so easy sometimes to take our hydrosphere for granted, and we seldom take the time to really think about the role that this part of the planet plays in keeping us alive.
        The large amount of water on our planet is something quite unique. Know the reason why it is something quite unique? Well, as far as I browsed in the computer, it’s stated there that “about 71% of the earth is covered by water. Of this, almost 97% is found in the oceans as saltwater, about 2.2% occurs as a solid in ice sheets, while the remaining amount (less than 1%) is available as fresh water.”

       Do people really treasured water? Do they save it? Or they just simply wasting it without thinking the importance of the hydrosphere or commonly called as “water sphere”? Definitely, some of them are not.
     Water serves us our life. Without water, we are nothing. Water is our life because water is a part of living cells. Water provides habitat. Water regulates climate and water serves us human needs.

      Let us take an example, imagine that you are in a desert land. Walking under the heat of the sun. You are now very tired, no food to eat and no water to drink. If you have given a chance to make a wish, what your wish will be? To have food to eat or to have water to drink?
     This is a curios question from my brother that I want to answer accurately. Now I know, as I study and learned the knowledge about the hydrosphere, water to drink is my answer. We must choose to have water because each cell in a living organism is made up of almost 75% water, and this is why we live and exist here on earth.
     Now again I concluded that, within 30 days people can live without food but people cannot live without water.

Let us save water. Save our earth’s hydrosphere!!..